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    Cool Unanswered: Forms and subform

    I have a form with two subform inside.
    Is possible to show one subform instead of the other on the base of some events and eventually for example put a button in one subform that hide the current subform and show me the other.
    I hope to be clear

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    Im not an expert but can can suggest you try the following code to make the the subform not visible or visible.

    use the following code in the On Load of form properties:

    Me.YourSubformControlName.Visible = False

    Then if you want the subform to reappear when use click a button use the following code in On_Click event on the command button.

    Me.YourSubformControlNameGoesHere.Visible = True

    The subform will stay open only while the form is open. When You close and open the form the subform wont be visible. Use the command button to make it visible.

    See if this helps! Im sure theres others out there that might have a better code.

    Maybe at some stage u might want to make the subform visible when a value is entered on your main form to trigger the subform to disappear.

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