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    Unanswered: Counting records in a sub-form.

    How can I count the number of records in a sub form (from within the parent form), whose record source is a query? Ideally I need to do it through code. I can't seem to find a way using RecordCount or RecordSetClone.

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    Select statement

    When you are in parent form, for particular parent record, Sub form's records are getting changed. Because there is a relationship.

    There are certain fields are passed to sub form to pull certain records in subform.

    Write a following code in parent form.


    Dim DB as database
    Dim RS as recordset
    Dim SubformRecords as integer

    Set DB = currentDB

    Set RS = DB.Openrecordset("select count(*) from Subform_table_query
    where parameter_filed = Me.field")

    SubformRecords = RS(0)


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