I have a subform where individuals are going to select a procedure. When certain procedures are selected, it will open a popup form that will give choices specific to that procedure and then plug them back into the subform in generic fields. This will also involve some text concatenating. Here is what I have so far. This is not complete, but I like to start small to work out the bugs. What I have here is working with the exception that it is plugging the values into the first rather than the current record.

Private Sub Command5_Click()
[Form_Chart Dtl subform]!Size.SetFocus
[Form_Chart Dtl subform]!Size.Value = Form_fsubIVAInfo!Size.Value
[Form_Chart Dtl subform]!Attempts.SetFocus
[Form_Chart Dtl subform]!Attempts.Value = Form_fsubIVAInfo!Attempts.Value
[Form_Chart Dtl subform]!Size.SetFocus
[Form_Chart Dtl subform].Requery
DoCmd.Close acForm, "fsubIVAInfo", acSaveNo
End Sub

Thanks for any help you can provide.