I have met the message “ORA-12571 TNS: packet writer failure” at the point of creating a database when I installed Oracle9i (, Custom onto the machine (Windows 2000). No database is created and also I tried to use the utilities to create a db but no success.

It did help when I changed the setting from NTS to NONE and the db is created. Then I changed the setting back to NTS. But it does not allow me to use / to login the sqlplus or sqlplus worksheet. It said ERROR:
ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied.

My DB setting is :
os_authen_prefix = ""
remote_login_passwordfile = EXCLUSIVE
remote_os_authen = TRUE

I have been stuck in this problem for a long time. Any help is very appreciated. I have no problem in creating db with Oracle 9.2. before our company domain was changed. Since now I have got a new system and installed Oracle 9.2. in a clean and new machine. The domain changes should not affect the Oracle any more. And I can use / to connect the db in the other server. But I always has problems in creating db with NTS setting in my computer and cannot use / to connect the db created in my computer (to create a db I have to change NTS to NONE).

Great thanks in advance,