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    Unanswered: Sybase Monitoring Tools

    Hi all,

    We are wanting to monitor our Sybase ASE 12.5 database so that we can watch and analyse how the databases are performing and also so we can deal with issues around processes, locks, connections and so on. I would liek to see the SQL hitting the database/tables and see hot spots. I would like to be able to watch activity without impacting performance in any appreciable way. I am sure you get the idea ..
    On an internet searc I have found (SQL Power Tools). Does anyone have any tools they can recommend. ANy experience on SQL Power Tools?? Maybe DBArtisan is the tool for the job??

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    Use the Sybase tools:
    - sp_who, sp_lock, sp_showplan
    - sp_sysmon
    - Sybase Monitor Server
    - Sybase Historical Server

    To debug and analyse your stored procedures, try

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