Can someone help me in retrieving a report that has a subreport that requires the date to be the same as the main records and -1 and -2 years.

what i have is


subformfilter = "[OPS_FY] = [Please Enter Fiscal Year]"
subformfilterFE = "fe_fy = [ops_FY] or fe_fy = [ops_FY]-1 or fe_fy = [ops_FY]-2"
subformfilterRED = "RED_FY = [OPS_FY] or RED_FY = [OPS_FY]+1 or RED_FY = [OPS_FY]+2"

DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acPreview
' this retrieve the main report on what ever the fiscal year is
Reports!SUM_DIRECT_OPS_ALLOC.Filter = subformfilter
Reports!SUM_DIRECT_OPS_ALLOC.FilterOn = True

' not sure why this subreport filter isn't working, i thought i write it similar to how i would retrieve a subform
Reports![SUM_DIRECT_OPS_ALLOC]![SUM_DIRECT_FE_ALLOC].Report.Filter = subformfilterFE

I greatly appreciate everyone's help