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    Unanswered: default date in sql2k

    Having a table with two datetime columns(date_ & time_. One to store the date and the other to store the time (my client's design).

    When I insert a date alone to the date_ column the time defaults to 12:00:00 AM (as expected).
    But I have a problem when inserting / updating the time in the time_ column. When i insert the time from my asp application / query analyzer the date defaults to 1900-1-1(expected). When i insert the time from enterprise manager the date defaults to 1899-12-30.

    Can anybody explain me why the date defaults to 1899-12-30 in enterprise manager


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    The following article explains this in detail:


    If you need further discussion, let me know and I will give you my 2 cents as to what is occurring.

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