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    Question Unanswered: drop down list box

    We are using drop down list box to choose an employee name, when we type in a letter it goes to the first name that begins with that letter, but we want the user to be able to type in more than one letter to narrow the list.

    For example if trying to find Jones, the user could type in Jo and it would go to the first name that starts with Jo. The way it works now if they type Jo it first goes to the first name that starts with J then to the first name that starts with O.

    How can we do this using HTML, ASP, or JavaScript?

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    As far as I know (but please, someone tell me otherwise - I've just never found a fix) you can't. A restriction of the way browsers render and handle <select /> boxes stops this from happening. You might be able to do something with JavaScript and a text box which tries to select the first matching record in your <select /> when something is typed into the text box...

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    Why not just place a empty form so they can search or something!

    well I never found any thing you want in asp... well maybe you can write a c++ dll thats make it or something or maybe vb scripts forms can make it dont know but dont think so!

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