I'm trying to make a database with a flash front end that can be accessed on the internet. So the database was created in MS access, which was then converted to mySQL so it could be put on the internet. Flash uses PHP to talk to the SQL database and displays the returned results. But I have a few questions, being rather new to the whole thing:

1. how big should my mySQL file be? I used DB Converter (a shareware prog) that changed a 1MB access db into a 3K .sql file. Is that right?

2. do I need to upload the .mdb file as well as the .sql file?

3. where would I put the PHP file (ie in the database directory, in the root...?)?

Finally, one problem I'm having is that my boss just told me they need to be able to update prices for the products stored in the database at any time, fairly easily. Is there any way to easily modify the data and update the SQL file without too much hassle? MY boss isn't so technologically advanced...

Any help you've got would be awesome -- I'm sort of at a loss here.