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    Unhappy Unanswered: Can't Show the value in Combo Box from Field??

    Hi Everybody,
    This is my first msg in this Forum. I m new to MS Access and never worked in Access before, so pls help me.

    I have a Form with subform on it. On the Sub Form i have 3 comboboxes which are dependent on each other(if u select the 1st, 2nd is refreshed & same with 2nd & 3rd.) when the user selects from all these 3 combos and save the record, it saves successfully. After that when user open the record again after closing the Form or restarting the App., it does'nt show the value in the 2nd Combo.

    The control properties are as follow:

    Name = cboClass, Control Source= ClassID, RowSource= Qry1
    where Qry1 returns the data as follow:
    ClassificationID Description System
    ID1 Fruits Sys1
    ID2 Vegitables Sys2 etc.

    ColumnCount = 4, BoundCloumn = 1

    I put another text field on the Form with ControlSource = ClassID, it shows me the values as ID1, ID2 in it. but i want to display the Description (Fruits/Vegatibles) in the cboClass control.

    Thanks in Advance


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    Are you able to save independently in Combo2 field ?

    You will have some condition in SOURCE QUERY of Combo2 field, so you can filter record with Combo1's value.

    Just remove that condition, and try to run Combo2 field independently, and try to save it. If it saves, then I dont know. If it doesn't save, then your Query attached with Combo2 field has problem.

    Check the datatype of Combo2 field.
    Find out Bound column with combo2 field also.
    Because in query for Combo2 field, You may have more than 1 fields selected in SELECT statement, which one you want to store, and which one you want to display/hide while clicking dropdown button.

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