HADR installation problem for IDS 7.31.UC5-1 for SCO UNIX

We want to configure HADR on two instances, we have successfully implemented HADR one of the instance. While implementing HADR on second instance we are facing following problems:

1: After issuing the following command on secondary server:

onmode d secondary ids_net_prim

It writes the following lines in log file of the secondary server
DR: new type =secondary, primary server name is ids_net_prim
DR: Trying to connect primary server ..

It writes the following lines in log file of the primary server
DR: new type =primary , secondary server name is ids_net_sec
DR: Trying to connect secondary server ..
DR: Cannot connect to secondary server
DR: Turned off on primary server
Note: Following lines is being written when we issued onmode d secondary ids_net_prim on secondary server

DR: Receive error
DR: Type exchange failed

While secondary server in FAST RECOVERY mode and stay in this mode for long time we have wait for more two hours but it was unable to start HADR.

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