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    Unanswered: HTTP Informix server administration - HOW TO LOGIN?

    Dear Friends!

    We have IBM AIX server with Informix 9.21 uc 5.
    MY pc is connected to internet via proxy server
    We have also ISA Installed, when I run it:

    /usr/informix/isa/sbin/isactl start

    it seems to be running ok,

    in httpd.conf I have set port 1111,

    the problem is, when I go to my PC, open
    explorer and type in address:
    (I have set in explorer settings not to use proxy to access my informix server)

    http://ip of my server:1111 , Im getting the dialog:


    I will enter right login for INFORMIX user and password,
    but server dont accept it, after three tries I will get message:

    Authorization Required
    This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required.

    What could be the problem? Could it be because of proxy?
    Do I need to set the proxy to httpd.conf?

    Or another problem?


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    on the informix server
    Change to the directory containing Apache cd "\ISA\httpd\Apache".
    Execute: bin\htpasswd -c conf\passwd informix
    Password: your_password (twice).

    Hope I helped

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    ThanK You very MUCH! It WORKS!

    But here is another question!

    How to add to my ISA another servers, which also run
    the same IBM AIX and INFORMIX?

    I can ping them from my server, everything seems to be already configured, but ISA doesnt know them

    I think, this things are needed: usr/informix/etc/sqlhosts I must have other remote servers
    -- I have checked them, they are there

    2. in /etc/hosts must be other servers
    -- I have checked it, they are

    3. /etc/services
    -- Im not sure about this, what should be here, should be there servernames and ports? in what format?

    4. /etc/hosts.equiv
    -- I have checked it, there are my servers, it is ok

    5. Adding a servers in ISA CONFIG:

    this one works:

    INFORMIXDIR /usr/informix
    ONCONFIG onconfig

    this one not - how to configure remote server?
    I think it is wrong format, how to input onconfig of remote server?
    (that remote server has its own onconfig when I login to it from telnet)

    INFORMIXSERVER remote_server
    INFORMIXDIR remote_server:/usr/informix
    ONCONFIG remote_server:/usr/informix/etc/onconfig


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    Never tryed this but as far as I understand you need to install ISA server or component on every INFORMIX server.


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    ISA ...

    After some struggling with configuration of my IDS, finally, I managed to install ISA Version 1.41 and get it working well enough to use it for testing software I develop

    As I can see, after logging as Informix admin into ISA web page, there is a option to add local server and remote servers also. I added my local server just through ISA web page and it works fine.

    The "add server..." option is visible only when you log in as an admin, I do not know your configuration but I know this a pain in a.... to get all things working together, specially when you are short of time

    Good luck!

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