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    Unanswered: Convert from MSDE/SQL server dillema

    I working this days on designing our project to work with sql server (managment descision).
    Since a big client of ours works with Oracle I will need to do convertion to Oracle in the near future.
    My current design (client-server) is to load much of the code on stored procedures (especially for eliminating back and forth communication with the db), should it be a problem when we'll move to Oracle?
    Considerating all that should i put my efforts on the client side and not SP?
    What is your general advice for minimising work when converting to Oracle?

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    Re: Convert from MSDE/SQL server dillema

    Sounds like a trade-off between minimising your work and having an optimal system. Generally, keeping as much processing as possible on the server side is good for Oracle too; however, this means more DBMS-specific code to maintain if you are going to have both SQL Server and Oracle versions going forward. It also means you'll need developers skilled in both DBMSs.

    Not sure I've been much help!

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