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    Red face Unanswered: Urgent?? Please Help

    I m validating the data in the BeforeUpdate Event. i m using the standard Navigation buttons. there is no explicit save button on the form.
    when the user change record/Add New Record , and click any one of the Navigation buttons(Next,Prev, Last, new), it displays the customised msgs written by me but after that it also display some other msgs as well.
    e.g. if User press Next, Previous, First, Last button, it says " Yoh have cancelled the previous operation (2001)".
    and if the user add new record and press the new button again, it says
    "You can't go to specific Record(2105)."

    Anybody have some idea how can get rid of these msgs.

    Thanks in advance.


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    you need to turn off warnings.

    docmd.warnings = false

    do that on the form load and you should have those access msg turned off

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    Urgent?? Please Help

    i write this command in the onLoad Event of form, but its still giving me the same Error.
    i think the problem is that when i click the Nav. button, it try to run that command but before moving next/previous, it update the form and when i make the Cancel =true, it stops there and that's why it shows me u have canceled the previous operation(next/prev).

    Is there any command to cancel that command.
    i tried both Me.Undo & DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdUndo
    after cancel = true but no success..


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