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    Unanswered: importing and exporting yes/no true/false field records

    I'm wondering how I go about handling yes/no, true/false field records when importing and exporting.

    First I'm working with some data from another Access database that has yes/no fields with the format set to true/false. I save the table as an Excel file and get true false values in the table. I then save the Excel file as a text file and again get true or false for the values. When I go to import this text file into another Access database with that field set to yes/no (true false format) all the records remain unchecked even thought most of the records originally were (were true)

    This example is just me playing with some existing data. Ultimately text files will be created to import. I was assuming the values to put in those files would be yes/no or true/false.

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks in advance

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    True/False is 0 or 1 in raw file.

    Incoming data must have a 0 for false or 1 for true

    Outgoing data will show 0 or 1 also.

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