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    Question Unanswered: Alternative for Crosstab

    Hi All,
    I am creating a Price book, which is using two table one is Parts table from where it is going to take part no and description and std cost, and second is PriceTable from where it is taking Partid..which is reference from Part table, Cust Grp.. and mark up price for that cust grp
    Now PRoblem is that One Part can have many cust grp, so it is showing
    3 row for same part no...with different cust grp...
    What i want is ...part no, description, std cost as row and all cust grp as heading and MarkUp as value...
    I can do this by cross tab query...But that wont allow me to Change the 'markup' if i have to ...
    So is there any other solution to do it..

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    there is no such easy solution to this.....

    first of ALL, you have to be 100% sure what you want. Cross-Tab is a SUMMARY query. Inside the cross-tab is usually SUM or COUNT or whatever from more than ONE row, which means How would you distribute the value accross four or five rows in the original table?


    oroginal table
    InvoiceID Name City Miles
    1212 Tom Los Angeles 15
    2323 Jane Los Angeles 25
    3434 Tom Las Vegas 20
    4556 Tom Los Angeles 33

    Jane Tom
    Los Angeles 25 48
    Las Vegas 0 20

    now if I change Tom's Los Angeles Mileage, how would you distribute it into individual invoices?

    The only way is to use cross-tab and create temporary table, let user to write into it and read it back and update original table.

    need more details?


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