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    Unanswered: Dummy question:Starting db2 on AIX

    Via telnet,I am trying to work with DB2 on AIX.
    I am at directory /bin where I can see all of programs I know on Windows platform; like db2admin,db2ilist,etc,etc.
    But,I don't know how to execute that,for example DBILIST;
    when I try to execute DB2ILIST,I can see massage:
    ksh: DB2ILIST: not found.
    But I see db2ilist when work with ls.

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    Are you trying to run db2ilist from /bin?

    If not, enter 'which db2ilist' at the command line. If db2ilist is not found, you will need to add /bin to your path or call it referencing the absolute path.

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