When I try to write a BLOB field into DB2 with "ADODB.recordset.appendchunk()", it return a error "CLI0100e". Even I make sure that this table only have 1 field (BLOB type) and shouldnot produce this error("parameter number in SQLSetParameter() or SQLBindParameter() less than parameter number in SQL clause")
Then After some advise I take a try with "ADODB.parameter". Still a error happen with "CLI0102e". There are no more informations from google with keyword "DB2 + appendchunk" or others, Anyone met this problem too?

By the way, about error "CLI0102e"(incalid conversion between appliation's data type and SQL data type), the DB2 online document suggest that "add 'LONGDATACOMPAT=1' into <<db2cli.ini>>". But after My try there's no effect...

Thanks :-)