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    Thumbs up Unanswered: How do i Edit the Package Source file name Dynamically


    I have created a package using DTS Designer to import the data from flat file to the SQL server.
    i have sheduled the package to execute at every 1st day of the month and saved the the package to the local server.

    i want to do the following steps dynamically from the Visual Basic

    1. i am loading all the packages from the local server and also from the metadata services into a combo box. select one package from the combo box and i want to change the package shedule time from vb and i want to save the package back to the sql server.

    2. when the package is executing at the schedule time at that time i want to change the source of the package that means flat filename(to different filename) and i need to execute the package and save the package.

    how do i do this dynamically.

    Thanks in advance


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    1: How far have you programmed this step ? How have you integrated the scheduling of the dts ?

    2: Modifying the name of the file you want transformed and saving the package is no problem. What is the process ? When will the modification of the filename and processing stop ?

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