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    Unanswered: informix jdbc driver version


    Don't be surprised by this question.. I'm new to this news group.. I have a question,

    I am accessing remote informix database, using local informix jdbc driver for my java application.

    I want to know, which driver version is best to use. Right now the version details are as follows..

    informix db version 7.3.1 uc4
    informix jdbc driver version 1.50.jc1

    my guess is that, the jdbc version is old. Please give me information about the best driver for this db version.

    The whole problem started with java.sql.ResultSet, traversing through result set by and reading the data by rs.getString() is slow. I don't know what is the standartd time.. but for me to traverse 8000 rows x 12 colums, it is taking 25 seconds, which I don't like.

    I thought I could use proper driver to fix this.

    Please pass your advice/suggestions.

    thank you

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    I would suggest u use the latest JDBC driver, which support the java2 syntax: 2.21.JCx
    Your version of th ejdbc driver supports the Java 1 syntax.
    You can find the latest JDBC driver in the Client SDK.

    If you are experiencing problems with your engine, the latest version of the 7 engine is 7.31.UD4

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