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    Exclamation Unanswered: Tracking object creation

    I am looking for a way to track when a object is created in access and record which user has performed the action.

    For example, if user1 creates a new query for use in a report, is it possible to record this action in some way? Perhaps storing it to a text file?

    Any clues would be GREATLY appreciated.


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    You can easily see when an object was created and modified in the MSysObjects system table (DateCreate and DateUpdate fields). I can't tell you where to get the owner of the object though (the user who modified it seems not to be stored at all). Mabe the Owner field could store such data but it's binary and always null for me anyway, maybe it was meant to hold the SID from Windows NT users. Or there's something in the MSysACEs table but I cannot see how the ACM field could relate to users and it looks more like the security management. Writing code to handle that sounds difficult too. One thing I could think of would be managing the modify rights via some fuctions and storing the user who requested the permissions in an own table, nothing overly safe and likely to cause lots of trouble imo.

    Michael Apel

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