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    Question Unanswered: Linking DOS Data with Table

    I have a little problem. At work I have been tasked with the job of analyizing Customer orders. In order to make my job a little easier I want to use Access but the data is available through a DOS Gateway and the only way I can get the data into a database is to copy and paste each DOS Screen into a table. We are talking thousands of records that I currently have to manually copy into my database. No you are wondering why don't I ask my MIS Department to download the information onto a CD but they told me that "it can't be Done on a regular basis, only for special requests!". I am not going to win this battle so I need a "work around to my problem so that I can link to this data some how using Macros or V.B.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: Linking DOS Data with Table

    there is a special software for converting reports to tabular data - it is not cheap ($400), but it is awesome.

    it' scalled Monarch, I guess you could use some MACRO software and automatically copy-paste screens to separate text files, then you can join those text files and use Monarch to extract specific pieces from screens to table....


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