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    Unanswered: VB / Table of fields to check...


    I have produced a table of fieldnames that need to be checked against ANOTHER table, that I want to be able to check if they are NULL for e.g.
    The idea is I can simply add fieldnames to this table at any point without having to hardcode the fields to check within the VB app. I'm assuming there is some way of doing this - I'm just not sure how. I am using ADO to connect to the Access database.

    However, I wanted to simply open the recordset of fields to check and DO/UNTIL (EOF) to check the fields are not NULL in another table. The backend database is Access - and DOESNT force input - I cant affect this in any way.

    Any help on this subject would be most appreciated.


    Sean Spencer.

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    You can restrict whether a field is nullable or not at the database level - so why do you want to create an application that checks this - and what will you do once you discover a field that is null ? What will the table consist of other than fieldname - (e.g. tablename ...) ? What scenarios are you trying to interpret ? Based on what you have submitted so far, this would not be difficult.

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