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    Unanswered: ASP/Oracle - Storing Links - is it dynamic?

    I know people have posted about similar topics before but I have one small q...

    I am designing a database on which you can search for (using ASP)/download/upload txt files, sound files & pictures..

    It is clear that if you are storing even a moderate amount of sound files/pics you're better off storing a link to the file in the DB & actually store it ok with that


    if i store a link to them (ie. to a spot on a server) is it possible for my web page to be dynamic??

    ie. if someone uploads an image will it be there straight away for another person to download it...???

    also is it possible to search for these files by name (ie. by band name in my case) if they are not actually stored in the DB?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated..


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    Providing the file is placed on the server at the same time the link is placed in the database then yes the file will be available for others to download it.

    Since all the information about the file is stored in the database (filename, path on the server, description etc.) you can easily allow them to search through those fields and when they have selected the one they want just provide the link to the file. Providing a simple HREF using the path and filename fields stored in the database is enough.
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