On a laptop with windows 2000, have Oracle 8.1.6 installed and ODBC.
Installed PERL.
Installed Win32::ODBC from www.roth.net
Ran the roth test.pl - it works beautifully on his dataset.
Created a Microsoft Access database table and tested it with
test.pl - it works nice.
Created an Oracle database with global database name (otes).
Set up a Service name using the Net8 administrator
(something in here may be part of my problem).
Set up a n alias with ODBC administrator, the same way I did with
the MS Access database, except I did not point directly to a file, since
I have no idea where the tables created in the database otes actually
exist in Oracle. When I run test.pl, which should list the contents of
one of the tables in the database, I get an error which says that
the password is "null".

Any insights or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.