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    When I run an unmatched query, how do I export the results back as a database? Do I have to export as a text file and reimport as a database? I'm trying to delete unwanted phone numbers from my database. The steps I am following are:

    1. Import external data (phone numbers I want removed)
    2. Import external data (existing database)
    3. New Unmatched query wizard

    If I have the first 3 steps correct, I need to know how to save my query results as a database.

    I am a beginner and appreciate ALL help. Thanks so much and have a great day!

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    Re: Unmatched query

    Once the result query is displayed, select 'Export...' from the 'File' menu and follow the wizard.


    PS. If this is for telemarketing lists, I do have little app that deletes records from a table based on a blocked number list. If your interested, contact me off list.

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