I am trying to invoke a command using ODBC from the Oracle library.
Specifically I am trying to register a schema.

CDatabase Cdbase;
Cdbase.OpenEx( sODBCString, CDatabase:penReadOnly | CDatabase::noOdbcDialog );

CString sRegister = _T("call dbms_xmlschema.registerSchema('http://persefone:8080/home/SCOTT/xsd/purchaseOrder2.xsd', xdbURIType('/home/SCOTT/xsd/purchaseOrder2.xsd').getClob(), True, True, False, True)");

Cdbase.ExecuteSQL( sRegister );

The OpenEx works, but when I try to execute the command above, I get the following error

"ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name"

Anyone have any ideas?