Hi All

1. I have a database in SQL Server 2000, full of nice data.
2. I create a new empty database.
3. I want to assign the structure of my original db to the empty one.
4. I right click the original one, select "All Tasks" and then "Generate SQL Script", and proceed to, er, generate a script.
5. I run the script through Query Analyzer against my new empty DB but...

One of the CREATE TABLE statements fails because of the TEXTIMAGE_ON property:

> ...blah...

The error message is "Cannot use TEXTIMAGE_ON when a table has no text, ntext, or image columns", which is fair enough (none of the columns are of that format). My question is, Why should this code be generated in the first place? SQL Server knows that the original table doesn't have text, ntext or image columns, so why generate a CREATE statement that includes TEXTIMAGE_ON?

Any help will prevent me scratching my head any more than is absolutely necessary. Cheers!