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    Unanswered: Access 2000 libraries

    Does anyone know why this line seems to not work in Access 2000 (this database was converted from Access97):

    Declare Function adh_accSortStringArray Lib "msaccess.exe" Alias "#81" _
    (astrObjects() As String) As Long

    Formerly, I used this function to alphabetize my combo and list boxes but now the order is all messed up and if I open a form with the offending controls Access 2000 will not close without using Task Manager.

    I am using these libraries:
    Visual Basic for Applications
    MS Access 9.0 Object Library
    MS DAO 3.6 Object Library
    MS Forms 2.0 Object Library
    OLE Automation
    MS VBA Extensibility 5.3

    I have tried switching MS DAO 3.6 Object Library with MS DAO 2.5/3.5 Compatability Library. And I have tried without using MS Forms 2.0 Object Library (since it doesn't seem to come with Access 2000).

    Or, if someone could tell me how to examine Libraries to see what Alias I need to use or even which libraries I should use, please feel free.


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    Your code

    Declare Function adh_accSortStringArray Lib "msaccess.exe" Alias "#81"

    is calling a function from a library database. You need to find this database which it appears we do not know what it is called.

    To find it try a search for files with a mda extension from your search tool.

    Try using each one seperately and hopefully you will find the library you are after.

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