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    Red face Unanswered: Merge Replication Invalid Object Name TSVW_##

    Hello everyone...
    I'm having this problem for a few days and nothing seems to work.
    I have a SQL 2000 running as back end for a VB application. I have configured this server as a publisher and configured the publication for a merge replication of this database. I've done this before on this same server and worked fine.

    As I needed to set up another SQL to subscribe to this publication I run the snapshot agent on the publisher. After that when I set up de subscriber SQL (Also SQL 2000) I get an error message whenever I try to add o delete a row in any table of the database (in the subscriber).

    the error message is: [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER] [SQL SERVER] Invalid Object Name 'tsvw_B8FF64E269EA4459838BE46.....'.

    The server is running win2k SP3.

    I've tried everything I could come up with. Even reinstalling the whole servers and, OS included, and configuring everything again and nothing seems to work. I tried SQL with SP2 and without SP. I've found nothing like this reported at MS or the web.
    Anybody knows what could be wrong?

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    I went through replication hell with MS tech support last week. I would suggest that you open a case with them. If they find out that your problem is SP3 related, you'll get your money back... I did.

    The solution here involved rolling back the SP3 installation to SP2 plus a hotfix that was released last May. I don't know if this will work for you or not.

    I think one's level of desperation determines when/how often you pick up the phone and call these people. Replication is mandatory here and, without it, our exposure is enormous. I had to call them and I'm glad I did.

    Let me know how you make out.


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