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    Unanswered: Distributed Transaction

    Hi, new to this site and Oracle for that matter but what a place to start.

    I need a brief design solution for the following problem. Some of my questions may sound stupid but I'll get there. Sorry in advance.

    Following does not existing yet: -
    I've two Oracle databases separated by a network allowing a max of 2meg bandwidth (minimal impact is required, that is the max). Each database will have 200 users (can't quote on usage or average file sizes @ this stage) and they need to have linked transactions i.e. when someone updates a record on one dB it needs mirroring on the other dB (seperate physical locations). I know Oracle mirrors with the redo log's etc. but that is for recovery. What terminology would you apply to my problem with regards to Oracle? This must be a very simple scenario for Oracle but crawling @ the moment as I've not learnt to walk, so to speak.

    Any help or just point me in the right direction would help. Trawling loads of web sites with out buzzwords is not easy nor time efficient.

    Cheers in advance


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    Re: Distributed Transaction

    The Oracle buzz-word you are looking for is "Replication". See the documentation here:

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