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    Question Unanswered: Resource Is Low,some Results Are Dropped

    hello, I need help!

    I had the Query Analyser give me this message "Resource is Low, some
    results are dropped" when I tried executing a Stored Procedure.
    The stored procedure uses a cursor and it reed 5000 registers.

    Can anyone help me please?


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    1. In query analyzer

    2. Go to Query menu

    3. Select "Result in Text"

    4. Execute the query.
    Let me know if this works....

    Sandesh S

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    Ctrl+T - results to text
    Ctrl+D - results to grid
    Ctrl+Shift+F - results to text file

    But I think the problem you're describing relates to too many resultsets being returned by your stored procedure when they are sent to grid in QA. Are you sure the app front-end is expecting 5000 resultsets from it?
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