I'm faced with the task of making an existing web app supportive of multiple languages. Right now, we don't know exactly what languages but the more complex ones like Japanes are possible. I've read up a lot on the subject in terms of character sets, encoding, etc. but it is still a bit hazy and I have a few unanswered questions.

1) if we update existing varchar and varchar2 data types to nvarchar and nvarchar2, will it be possible to store utf-8 encoded strings in the database without changing the default character set for the entire database? Seems to be the objective of the "n" data types but I want to be sure.

2) In reference to 1), when the data is retrieved, will it be in utf-8 or the default character set (for instance iso559 or utf-16)? If the default character set, when the getBytes() method is used, must that character set be passed in as a parameter for instance, getBytes("8859-1")? Can the default character set be gotten on the fly?

Any help would be apprecitated........thanks.