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    Red face Unanswered: too many entries in symbol names table

    We have a sofware under developpement for years. The sofware is compose of 125 clip files compose of 15 prg's files. That make a lots of files. Compiling process is not a problem. The linking one give us an error message "Too many entries in symbol names table". I'm using rmake to compile/link the projets (RMAKE SGO_LES /XS800). I have to comment a clip file for the projet linking process to succed. the /XS parameters should modify the size of the symbols names tables from 500 (Default) to 800. If someone know how to link all these files i would really appreciate.

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    Your question is better suited for the usenet (comp.lang.clipper) from the Google Groups. Try to post ALL the clipper questions there so that you can be sure about positive results. The people there are so helpful.

    About your problem, you didnt mention about the linker you use. Better use BLinker than any other one. Its a great product, have no much bugs and can produce extended executables (exes that can take more than the 640 kb conventional memory upto 16 mb of XMS, i think...)

    If you havent got Blinker, let me know. (please mail to my e-mail address : jasbaswin attherateof hotmail dot com)

    But if your app is as old as you've told (with about more than 150 clps, it amazingly big!), maybe it wont work with Blinker (if it uses C and ASM codes which does not support the extended API of Clipper)


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