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    Question Unanswered: can you really stump QA

    hey all,
    I've got a massive query with a mad amount of conditions in several "WHERE XFIELD IN ('blah','blah2','blah3.....)" but it's on
    a denormalized table so there's no joins - all the data is right there and better yet, I've even recently tried creating a covering index for the query with and without index hints...but it times out or tells me there is insufficient memory to complete the operation - EVEN when I'm only asking for an 'estimated query plan', not even the data itself.

    can we really just break QA with a long query? any suggestions?

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    I got some replies some month ago about a time-out problem, such as:

    - Tools >> Options>> Connections, change the setting from the
    default of 15 seconds to 0.

    - Make sure you have SP2 and MDAC 2.6

    - You can set something called Remote Query Timeout in E.M. (I think it's on server's properties)

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