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    Unanswered: Lookup Table

    Field1 in my table contains L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, or blank.

    Field1 uses a lookup table to display the word "English" for every instance of L__. I want to display the word "Non English" for every instance of blank. Is this possible? How?

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    two ways

    there are basically two ways.....

    1. you create TWO queires

    the first query puts into query new field ThisIsMyField1: NZ([Field1],"NE")

    the second query will do reg. lookup (lookup table has to have valid value for NE ---> NonEnglish

    2. the second easier solution uses only one query
    instead of showing Lookup Value for Field1, use this
    FinalValue: NZ([LookupforField1],"Non English")

    although the second version is easier and you will probably use it, it is sometimes better to use first version - lookup table has really ALL possible values.... this is good for Warehousing - there is no space for NULL values (sometimes).....

    note: as you can see, I did not follow your task. My version is based on NULL values, not BLANK values.... I guess you ment NULL not BLANK

    for combination of NULL or BLANKS it would look like this:

    FinalValue: : IIF(Len(NZ([LookupforField1],"")=0,"Non English",[LookupforField1])

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