I have install mySQLCC win32 on a WinXP Home machine. I cannot edit text or tinytext type columns (probably all large column types). I am certain it is possible. The third bullet in the change log reads "Inline-Editing now supports updating BLOB / TEXT & Binary fields when the table doesn't have any keys or when the BLOB, TEXT or Binary field is defined as a key". I am assuming "inline" means editing within the datagrid of the sql results.

here is a run down of what I am doing.
1. I open the database
2. Browse to the table
3. Dbl click on the table. A sql result window opens with the results in a data grid.
4. I click on the field I want to edit and type. If it is a text/blob type, column nothing will happen. If it is a varchar or other, it works.
5. Upon exiting the record, the update is posted.

I can successfully do this with the last version of mySQL Front End.

The table has an autoincrement primary key.
There is no indexes on the field trying to be edited inline.
As described above, the sql result is on one table.

If someone can tell where the option is to this feature on I would greatly appreciate it.