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    Post Unanswered: subquery using query wizards


    I am trying to use subquerys using the wizards in access - you know the cure interface where you can just drag and drop the relevant tables and fields you need to report on.

    Withouht going in to too much details is the story.

    I need to get figures from a table called Expenditure, but it has values for all claims - whereas I only need the expenditure for latest claim (i.e. highest value).

    I want to know how to do this in the wizard - i believe you need to use subqueries.

    If anyone could help - much appreciated!



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    Do really need a Subqeury for that?

    Something like this?

    SELECT Expenditure.[all claims]
    FROM expenditure
    where Expenditure.[all claims]
    =(select MAX (Expenditure.[all claims]) FROM Expenditure) ;

    Or Just

    select MAX (Expenditure.[all claims])
    FROM Expenditure;

    Or do you mean something else

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    thanks - but...

    thanks but i know how to write it in sql - i just don't know how to get the desired effect when using the wizard!

    I still need to know how to do sub queries using the wizard - so please cnan someone point me in the right direction.....

    any help?
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