I am looking for a way to have the appropriate document be used based on the name. The
date will vary, but the name will be constant.

Any help would be appreciated...


Dim DocToUse As String

If lngIndicatorID.Value = 1 Then

DocToUse = "Document1 (05/20/2002)"

ElseIf lngIndicatorID.Value = 2 Then

DocToUse = "Document2 (04/14/2002)"

End If

Dim appWord As New Word.Application
Dim FileLocation As String

'Set the folder location where the document templates exist
FileLocation = "C:\Documents and Settings\"

'Set values that will be propagated to the documents
With appWord

.Documents.Add FileLocation & DocToUse
.ActiveDocument.ShowSpellingErrors = False

.Selection.Goto wdGoToBookmark, Name:="Name"
.Visible = True
appWord.Selection.TypeText Forms!frm_Requests!strName