please help me to answer these questions. Just answer any combination of the following questions that add up to 30 points. All i need is 30 points. Point value of each question is show in parentheses. Thank you very much.

1. Why is it that some valid SQL queries can not be displayed using a QBE method? (6)

2. What additional problems does database design for the Web introduce? How can they be dealt with or minimized? (8)

3. What do you think are the most important skills that a database designer must employ? (7)

4. What are some characteristics that make a good printed report format? What makes a good on-screen display form? What are some criteria for a good
main menu form? (8)

5. List the steps required to manually transform an ER diagram in 3NF into an operational database. (4)

6. Some experts place the cost of a new information system at about 30% of the total lifetime cost. Maintenance and upgrades account for the other 70%.
Suggest some reasons why this is so. (9)

7. A company currently uses MS Access but is succumbing to rapidly growing data volumes (doubling every year). What else must you know about the
situation before you can make a reasonable recommendation about a feasible and effect upgrade path to a new database product? (10)

8. To what factors do you attribute the success of the relational database model? (9)

9. Why should someone switch from managing information in a spreadsheet to using a database system? Why should they stick to a spreadsheet? Is there
any middle ground? (9)

10. Discuss the pros and cons of a networked database solution (for example, sharing an Access mdb across the company intranet) versus a Web-enabled
solution (for example, a corporate database reached with a Web browser). (10)

11. How does a tool like Infomodeler (or ERWIN or Visio) make database design easier? On the other hand, what difficulties does it introduce? (7)