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    Red face Unanswered: btrieve on XP desktops

    I am running a legacy btrieve application with no support from the defunct vendor. The system is running fine on a W2K server and NT desktops but will not even install on XP (Btrieve error 11 - error file could not be located). Eventually, WBT32 causes a General Protection Fault.

    I have read some things that hint that moving a copy of WBT32RES.dll from the server to the desktop System folder will do it but so far I have not found the right combination, I guess, because it still does not work.

    The alternatives are very expensive (replacing the application). Any help is appreciated!

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    Consider a replacement for Btrieve?

    Have you looked into upgrading the underlying DB engine to PSQL (which is the successor to, and 98% compatable with, Btrieve)? YOu can download a test desktop installation from theri web site:

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