I am running an Access2000 application (of OFFICE2000 standard with sp2 applied) that uses Outlook automation code loop to send out Faxes, in which a cover sheet and an attached .rtf file are sent using FAXSEVER for various providers.
For 2 weeks the process worked like a charm, then all of a sudden the cover sheet would show one provider and the .rtf file a completely different one, when they should both match ! Since the cover pages were correct, and rendering was occuring in WORD and the attachments were wrong, I suspected that WORD was the culprit, even though I did not get an immediate tmpDDE error... it occurred the next day referencing an .rtf file that did NOT exist !
As a temporary work around, I have installed OFFICE2000 premium without applying any service packs, and it is working OK, BUT I don't know for how long before it breaks again... It can't be trusted in my opinion.
My questions are:
1. Is there something I can do to ensure stability with this process ?
2. Are there any alternatives ?
3. How can I still use Access2000 and be able to FAX without rendering in WORD ?