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    Unanswered: sql server 2000 hangs via jdbc


    We just 'upgraded' from 7.0 to 2000 and now our client app hangs when loading data from the server. Everything was fine under 7.0. We are accessing the db via jdbc and have tried 3 different drivers. The problem is the same across all three so I'm confident that the 2000 version is the issue. Are there any obvious changes with regard to how resources are handled from 7 to 2K? I cache some prepared statements and reuse them, which was not a problem under 7.0. I speculate that maybe 2K is more uptight about how it deals with the PreparedStatement resources and having them around is causing issues. Any insight?



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    What happens when you don't use prepared statements - do you still have a problem ? In the past, I have actually seen prepared statements not being cached when using sql server, you were actually better off not preparing and allowing sql server to cache - however, I can't recall if it was 7 or 2000.

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