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    Unanswered: Snapshot Viewer Opens Without Contents Visable

    I'm also having the same problem. A2K, but on a Win98se pc. No one answered this guy's post.


    From: Gary Robinson (
    Subject: Snapshot Viewer Opens Without Contents Visable
    Date: 2002-03-10 12:49:05 PST

    I am currently distributing a report to multiple users as a snapshot
    file. I am using A97 to create the original report, and the latest
    version of snapshot (version 9.0) to save the file. I distribute via
    e-mail as an attachment.

    The problem is that one user can open the attachment, but cannot view
    the contents. When she prints the file, the report appears exactly as
    I intended it. I have made sure she is using snapshot viewer version
    9.0. She is running Win 98 SE.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? I have seem multiple posts on
    Usenet, but no solutions. The Microsoft KB doesn't even address it.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I just found the previous post and thought I'd add my 2 cents worth.

    I hope someone can help me with this.

    I have a process where a user click's a button and the form he is working with produces an Excel spread sheet, a .RTF report, and an identical .SNP report. The reasoning behind the 2 different types of reports is that the .SNP report can display a graph on the last page and from what I understand .RTF does not support these types of objects.

    The problem is, when the user creates the .SNP report and then opens it on-line to review it, the first page is blank except for the report heading. If you page forward, the next 4 pages look ok including the graph on the last page.

    I had the user copy the .SNP report to a public directory where I opened the report on my pc, the result was the same.

    If the user prints the .SNP report everything prints out properly including the first page and the graph.

    I then created the .SNP report on my pc using the same criteria that the user used. when I opened it on-line to review it, everything looked perfect including the first page.

    The following is the code used to create the .SNP

    'Private Sub Output_SNP_Report()
    ' Dim ReportName
    ' Dim Output_Name As String
    ' ReportName = "rNextAction10SNP"
    ' Output_Name = Me.OutputDirName & "NextAction10_" & pubEndDate & ".snp"
    ' DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, ReportName, _
    ' acFormatSNP, Output_Name
    'End Sub

    Has anyone had this occur to them before??

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    i use:

    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptName", "Snapshot Format", DrivePathNameExt

    and so far (half a dozen applications and many hundreds of reports) i had no page 1 errors.

    the constant acFormatSNP = "Snapshot Format (*.snp)" on my a2k so your code is slightly different from mine.

    it's hard to imagine how using the official constant could generate the effects you are seeing, but then access is pretty wierd sometimes. it might just be worth trying with the string instead of the constant.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have researched other questions posted at various user groups.
    One of the things I have found in common with some of the discussion is that it may have something to do with the report's page width as opposed to the width of the default? printer.

    I am going to try a few things to see if I can get this corrected like changing the report width.

    As for the the acFormatSNP constant, I think it can be used either way.

    As I mentioned in my original post, the SNP report looks fine when created on my PC but loses all but the report header on first page when created on one of my user's PC.

    Any way, thanks for the reply.

    Have a nice day and weekend.


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    there you point to one of the biggest idiocies in access - the inability to format a report wider than (i forget what the limit is ? 27cm ?). this makes some sort of sense for paper, but a lot of my reports go out in html on the web and i am still stuck with a paper-width limit. grrrrrr!

    maybe your solution is somewhere in there with the printer. for my html problem i "installed" a printer i don't have but which takes paper up to whatever access' width limit is... this at least gave me some extra "page" width for the html.

    post it if you find a fix -- having said it never happened to me, it's certain to happen now!

    happy weekend, izy

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    You have probably long forgotten about this post, I have only just joined dbforums.
    As far as I know the reason for this problem is that Snapshot viewer is fairly memory intensive and cannot always render the image on screen properly, especially if there are a lot of lines/grids/graphics etc on the report or you have other applications running.
    Try simplifying the look of the report, and close other applications when you view snapshot viewer.


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