I am using Visual Basic.NET for programming.
Database is Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition Release
Platform is Windows XP Professional.

I am going to execute an Oracle Query (or Stored Procedure) from my VB.NET environment.
This query returns 1,000,000 records and takes lots of time to be executed.

I found a way in .NET to fill DataSet with specific number of records. For Example I can show 100 records from position 10 to position 110 by this code:
MyDataAdapter.Fill (MyDataset, 10, 100,"TEST")

But my problem happens when I want to show 100 records from position 900,000 to position 900,100 by this code:
MyDataAdapter.Fill (MyDataset, 900000, 100,"TEST")
This line takes lots of times to be executed.
I think each time I run the above line in VB.NET, the query executes once again. And this is not what I expect.

Besides I used Microsoft.NET Oracle Client too, but still have problem.

Would you please kindly help me to find a way to retrieve data partially without re-execution of query?

Thanks for co-operation in advance.