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    What is a good tool for database design?

    I am currently designing my high-school web site that will be implemented through PHP 4.0 (with gzip compression, LDAP, etc. . .) and Sybase's SQL server (and MySQL temporarily to get vBulletin working out for our developer discussion). We will have it link with Blackbaud, our school's grading, attendance, and central-command center to link with our "group" pages.

    In order to do all this design, what is a good tool for designing a SQL database? I am interested in Sybase PowerDesigner--if there are any testimonials of it, please post. I am eager to document this site well and I need to find a good tool quickly (and use some of my school's funds ).

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    I'm sure MattR will be able to give you plenty of info on this and anything else about Sybase.

    Personally I use Oracle Designer and Erwin, not because they're the best, but because my work already had licenses for them long before I showed up.

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    I don't use anything special nor have I found a need for it; I use isql to run queries and such and if I want something graphical I use Sybase Central. I have no experience with PowerDesigner but I'll see if there's something I can find about it online for ya.


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    Try ER Studio 5.0 from Embarcadero. It supports a whole lot of platforms and works really fine. You can download a free version at their site

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