I have installed an uw7.1 server. When installing, I've chosen to use about 20% space of unixware partition for system, and leave 80% for my database. After install finised, I use prtvtoc & edvtoc to modify the vtoc table and add several slice(s3,s4,s5,...). then reboot the server.
The problem is, when I try to add database device(using physical name '/dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s3'), It reports like this:
00:00000:00001:2002/12/09 12:53:58.95 kernel Initializing virtual device 2, '/dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s3'
00:00000:00001:2002/12/09 12:53:58.95 kernel Virtual device 2 started using asynchronous i/o.
00:00000:00000:2002/12/09 12:53:58.95 kernel sddone: write error on virtual disk 2 block 0:
00:00000:00000:2002/12/09 12:53:58.95 kernel sddone: Invalid argument
00:00000:00001:2002/12/09 12:53:58.95 kernel Deactivating virtual device 2, '/dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s3'.
What's the problem? How can I solve it?
I am sure that slice 3 has enough space, and I can find it through prtvtoc command.
My ASE version is 11.9.2 for unixware, and I have successfully added raw device with it.(The only thing different is I have used disksetup command to create the slice, and this time I use edvtoc to do it)