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    Unanswered: Pre-history of Oracle...

    Fun read; I'd have loved to have sat in on the SQL reunion sessions!!


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    hehe... This line cracked me up!
    The only way you could use Oracle at the time was you'd export all your data, every day, and then plan on having the database get hosed, and then you'd load it back in again. And they were really happy. I mean, customers didn't like this, but they didn't mind too much
    How times have changed! If only the users were that understanding at my place of work

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    >> you'd export all your data, every day, and then
    >> plan on having the database get hosed

    Consider the global trading system developed by the venerable Salamon Brothers a few years ago. Runs on Sybase, so the server accomodates multiple databases ( something like namespaces ) . Every night, the database is entirely rebuilt from scratch. The old database containing the previous day gets renamed, so the server always holds one month worth of history, one database for each day.

    This system is still in operation, AFAIK.

    I first though it was hilarious. On reflection, starting from a clean slate is good practice. It is equivalent to saying: please reboot your computer every day. Early RDBMS engines were not so stable, and there was no point pushing them into 24x7 if it wasn't required.


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