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    Angry Unanswered: Help needed look up from 2 tables at once.

    Hi Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    i need to make database which is a basically a book library system. In one table I have Members info (MemberID, name, address, postcode etc) and another one with bookID, title, author, publisher.

    i want from a form for the operator to be able to enter both sets of info on one form into a new table which keeps a record of which membeers are borrowing which books. One othe rproblem is how can i just select one field such as member ID and have the rest of the fields automatically filled in from this info ?

    Im sure theres a simple solution but its been buggung me for ages !

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    Many members can borrow many books. Have you set up the tables and relationships this way?

    You need a table which has member number and BookID as the bridge table. This is where we store which member borrowed which book.

    Once you have this table you can build a query to combine the two tables and use the query as the source for your form.

    To look up the members from their number the easiest way would be to add a combo box to the form header and choose look up values from the wizard and follow the prompts.


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    If you want the user to enter datas and to let Access handle that, you'll have to use sub-form. First, make sure your relation are okay, create your form on MEMBERS and a sub-form of BOOKS. This will allow you to modify information. Using a query will also work, but you'll only be able to look datas (well, you could still do it manually...)


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    Re: Help needed look up from 2 tables at once.

    Add a table(MemeberId,BookID,BookCount),Is it ok?

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