Hi. I have a database that includes a table similar to a table in another database. I am looking to automate an update sequence so that I can update my table from the other one. My table is TA and the other TB. What I was thiking I should do, because I have the restriction of not being invasive on the other database, is importing TB to my database and then comparing the columns (we share some columns and we both have extra columns that don't matter in the updating) (first lining them up so that updating is easier?) and then looking for newly entered data in hers (either changes to already-entered data, or new lines of data) and then adding her data to my table - probably an append function or a simple copy would work, in just blanket-copying all data from each involved column, instead of jumping around the data cells?) then I want to save the changes, and delete the imported table - all of this going on so that no user can stop it, or do anything in my database while it's happening. I am not familiar with SQL or DAO or VBA, and I have never written macros, so I'm at a bit of a loss in trying to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!